In Persia, the 16th century saw the birth of poker and the beginnings of the game can be traced to
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As with any game, there are certain rules of etiquette that should be learned in order to avoid offending other players. ...[Read more]



sasnagarlows and more. They are all matched and some of are the most luxurious you can find. So, now you see all this stuff and are tempted to buy. The cute patterns are obviously for the parents to enjoy because the baby does not know the difference but what does the baby actually "need"? That's a whole different story. If you are considering a bumper for the crib, this is a strip of padded cloth that is pretty or cute, but they are used to keep the baby from hitting their head against the bars of the crib.

Some think bumpers will add to the risk of suffocation by pressing their face against the bumper. If the bumper is tightly fitted against the crib the possibilities of that happening are much less. Make sure all of the ribbons and ties are short and to the outside of the crib so there are no chances of getting entangled.

Bottom sheets are sized for the crib with elastic corners and should fit snugly against the crib mattress. If the fit is correct, they will not pop off and this lessens the chance of suffocation. I would recommend leaving the top sheet at the store unless it comes as a set.

Your baby only needs light blankets in the beginning and it is best if they are cotton. They also do not need more covers or warmth than we do. We all know diapers leak at night so sheet protectors are a wonderful idea for the busy mom. A sheet protector is a piece of cloth with cotton on one side and waterproof on the other. If there is leakage at night, just pull one sheet protector off and put another one on.

This will save you on laundry and time. You can do the same thing between two fitted sheets. Put the protector between the two so it protects the bottom sheet and the top one is easily peeled off if there is an accident. If you like, try the new heavier pajamas for baby so they will stay warm without kicking covers off.

You only need a few outfits in the beginning. If you want perfectly white sheets, do not get too excited because colored would be best if you are trying to camouflage the inevitable staining that will happen. If you even think about buying a pillow, stop. There is no need for one for the baby.

They are not safe, your baby can suffocate and they cannot really lift their heads enough to use one. It is found that babies sleep better when flat. In the early months, babies will be constantly interrupted because their patterns are not yet established. It takes time for them to sleep without these interruptions and to fall back to sleep easily and quickly. When it comes to helping your baby sleep with the choice of baby bedding, consider safety to be the only true criteria. It does not matter how cute the bedding set is if it does not fit right or is not safe.


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