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online casinos that dont pay

Many novices to online gambling think that the games are fixed or that if an online casino is going to cheat them its by having games that don't pay off but that is a misconception. Many online casinos lease the games they provide their players and have no control over how those games payout. And the payout is of no concern to the game providers as long as it is meeting the expected fair-odds results the electronic world both online and at land-based casinos have come to expect that it should.

The games use the same program used in land-based casino video poker games to decide its results which has been working flawlessly for years. The game providers are all about reputation. As long as their games have a good reputation of providing fair-odds results the game software will continue to be accepted by the online gambling world even if a casino that uses that software gains a bad reputation. In other words one bad apple won't make the whole bunch bad as long as that bad apple is bad because of something it does and not something the software resulted in happening. Most online casinos with a bad reputation have gained that nasty honor because they didn't pay players on large cash-ins.

Players won they just didn't get paid and that is one area the software game providers will not get involved. Microgaming casino software, the leader in the industry, has been known to always make sure players got paid any money that was left in an account of a casino which went out of business that was powered by that software but that is the extent of them stepping in and doing anything on behalf of the players. Some online casinos lease a game software which is much less expensive than Microgaming and it is anybody's guess how stable they require the casinos to be financially before they will lease the games out. This is scary news for the average online gambler not savvy to which establishments to avoid and which to spend their time and money. The idea behind not having any requirements for financial backing is that the losses will pay the winners and the casino owner makes a percentage of the profits.

This is all good for the casino owner but if they should happen to experience several big winners at the same time it is questionable whether everyone will get paid? Or at least on what kind of time schedule? If you're wondering which casinos might not be financially sound a good place to start looking is in their terms and conditions concerning payouts or cash-ins. Some of the casinos will have a maximum amount they pay out per week/month and this little treat is not made known on the front page of the casino's website nor is it often seen publicized anywhere but the one place it has to be included which is the fine print or "terms and conditions" page of the casino. Its not like they are doing anything wrong but a lot of players are not aware of this until after they win enough it becomes a concern or obstacle to that player's choice of how much they may have wanted to cash out at one time or over a short period of time. To prevent such a situation from happening with casinos using their software, . some parent software companies have financial requirements that must be met beyond just the cost of leasing their product, in order to be able to lease their games and one of those requirements is the casino can prove it is financially sound or else they will not consider them as clients. In some cases the parent software company may handle the banking along with providing the games and the casino owner takes a smaller percentage for themselves.

One last thought to consider is that "exclusive software" is not generally a good thing. That means the software was created by the casino in which case it can be altered by the casino.

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online casinos that dont pay - Many novices to online gambling think that the games are fixed or that if an online casino is going to cheat them its by having games that don't pay off but that is a misconception.

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