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Invite the Gang In Rollicking Evening Party

Have you an extremist in your home a budding teenager extremely shy one minute and extremely bold the next who wants to have a group of his fellow extremists in for a party? If so don't stop him. Give him all the help you can, for he is bound to benefit by frequent social contacts. These contacts will eventually whittle down his extremes to a comfortable-to-live-with pattern that'll be much easier on the family. As a rule the thirteen or fourteen-year-old is too young to like bridge or ball-room dancing, while a program of children's games are much beneath his interests.

However, games that recognize the youngster's interest in the opposite sex usually appeal to the shy boy and the boy-conscious girl. A party with a theme always arouses anticipation and interest. "Shipwrecked" is such a party and we found it a lot of fun. The guests were invited to come dressed in clothes they had grabbed at three A.M.

when the U.S.S. "Romance" was sinking. When the castaways arrived at our desert island they were garbed in everything from bathrobes to raincoats.

In keeping with the party theme we decorated the walls to represent a desert island. Huge pieces of wrapping paper painted with palm trees, tropical plants and birds and a wild tangle of weird tropical flowers covered the walls. Twisted green crepe paper hanging from the ceiling changed our living room into a semi-darkened jungle. The unusual costumes and unusual jungle atmosphere immediately absorbed the attention of the youngsters and prevented that "stiff before the party starts" moment dreaded by most young people. As soon as the guests had gathered, the young host handed each guest a blank card.

On it the guests had to write the color of the eyes of each one present. The girls were thrilled to have the boys take such particular notice of their eyes. This proved to be an excellent mixer.

To pick partners for the next game we tried this stunt. The boys gathered in one room and the girls in an adjoining room. A sheet curtained the doorway between the two rooms. The boys' room was darkened. In the other room we turned on bright lights directly back of the sheet.

Then each girl walked between the light and the sheet. The boys chose their partners from the shadow on the sheet. Because the shipwrecked people had lost their wardrobes, each boy was given several newspapers and a supply of pins. Then each boy made a dress for the partner he had chosen. He chose his own style of dress, tore the papers at will, and pinned a dress of paper on his lady. Of course the girls were ready with plenty of suggestions.

You'd be amazed at some of the newspaper creations turned out by these male dressmakers. A prize was awarded for the most attractive, the most unusual and the most skillful. Very appropriate on a desert island was the hunt for the lost lover. Guests were seated in a circle with "IT" blindfolded in the center.

"IT" groped about in search of a seated guest, then dropped to his knees and said to the one seated, "Are you my lost lover?" The victim answered with a disguised voice. He was asked to bark like a dog, meow like a cat, groan, etc., as "IT" tried to recognize who he was.

One guess was allowed. If it was correct the victim took "IT"s place. If not, "IT" tried again. Most of the youngster are shy in front of their parent but may be opposite with the company of their friends. Do not worry anymore for your shy extremist teenager.

Arrange this party and see the change in them.

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