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Radio Flyer Awards And Achievements

At the beginning of the twentieth century, a young Italian boy named Antonio Pasin dreamed of a better life for himself in America. His family supported his dreams, selling their meager belongings to finance the trip. Antonio Pasin left his parents and friends behind at the young age of sixteen and traveled to Chicago. Pasin came from a line of skilled carpenters and hoped to find work as a cabinet-maker.

Instead, the teenager worked many different odd jobs until he finally saved the money for his own workshop and wood-working equipment. In this little one room shop, Antonio Pasin began building his American dream, working day and night handcrafting wagons out of wood. Pasin first called his business the Liberty Coaster Company.

Over the next few years, Pasin began using the same technology as car manufactures, producing mass quantities of high quality steel wagons. He called his manufacturing company Radio Steel, but coined his little red wagon the Radio Flyer, which would eventually become the company name. The company has been producing the world's favorite wheeled toys for over eighty-five years.

They have achieved great customer loyalty and became a household name. Radio Flyer and their products have been noted for their high standards, quality products, and their dedication with numerous awards. The 1933 Worlds Fair, held in the companys hometown of Chicago, was Pasin's first boost of public recognition. The Radio Flyer exhibit featured the forty-five foot Coaster Boy and was one of the most popular attractions. The company saw great success with the sale of their collectible miniature wagons at the fair, leading to a rise in sales across the rest of their product line.

During World War II, the comapny ceased production of their toys to manufacture materials needed by the military. An Army-Navy award was presented to the company on July 14, 1945 to recognize their efforts in assisting with the war. After the war, Radio Flyer resumed production of their toy lines, experiencing even more customer loyalty and satisfaction. Through the years, many of the company's products have been named with special awards for their quality and popularity. Radio Flyer wagons and tricycles have been named the worlds best selling toys time and time again.

Their products have won numerous awards from prestigious agencies including Parents Choice, The Great American Toy Test, Dr. Toy, and Parents Guide to Childrens Media. Many of the company's toys have also been given the National Parenting Centers Seal of Approval. To celebrate the eightieth anniversary of Radio Flyer, the company produced its record breaking Worlds Largest Wagon.

The one of a kind big red wagon weighs 15,000 pounds and measures a huge 27 feet long and 13 feet across. Antonio Pasin and Radio Flyer toys have influenced the minds and changed the lives of children everywhere for almost a century. In 2003 Pasin was commended for his innovative ideas with the ultimate award. The Toy Industry Hall of Fame inducted Pasin as it's 44th toy inventor, honoring the imaginative spirit that has driven Radio Flyer to where they are today.

Gary Clay is an authority on Radio Flyer and owner of MonkeyShine a UK Radio Flyer retailer.


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